Laravel 5.5 Multi Auth


Multi Auth for Laravel

Laravel Packagist :


What it does?

With one simple command you can setup multi auth for your Laravel project. The package installs:

  • Model
  • Migration
  • Controllers
  • Notification
  • Routes
    • routes/web.php
      • {guard}/login
      • {guard}/register
      • {guard}/logout
      • Password Reset Routes
        • {guard}/password/reset
        • {guard}/password/email
    • routes/{guard}.php
      • {guard}/home
  • Middleware
  • Views
  • Guard
  • Provider
  • Password Broker
  • Settings


Step 1: Install Through Composer

Run command :

composer require hesto/multi-auth


Step 2: Add the Service Provider (only for laravel lower than 5.5)

You’ll only want to use these package for local development, so you don’t want to update the production providers array in config/app.php. Instead, add the provider in app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php, like so:

public function register()
  if ($this->app->environment() == 'local') {

Step 3: Install Multi-Auth files in your project

php artisan multi-auth:install (for example name admin etc) -f

// Examples
php artisan multi-auth:install admin -f
php artisan multi-auth:install employee -f
php artisan multi-auth:install customer -f

Notice: If you don’t provide -f flag, it will not work. It is a protection against accidental activation.


Step 4: Migrate new model table

Make Auth

artisan make:auth


php artisan migrate

Step 5: Try it

Go to: http://project_url/admin/login



If you don’t want model and migration use --model flag.

php artisan multi-auth:install admin -f --model

If you don’t want views use --views flag.

php artisan multi-auth:install admin -f --views

If you don’t want routes in your routes/web.php file, use --routes flag.

php artisan multi-auth:install admin -f --routes


You are logged in as Customer!

Login Page

Employee Login Page




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